How To Build Great Landing Pages

31 Jul How To Build Great Landing Pages

A great landing page is the most prominent feature of successful online presence of a brand. Your PCC ads and offers might be the pieces of perfection, but in an absence of a great landing page in your web design, your brand is going to suffer. Being a professional web designer in web design Brisbane, I strongly recommend flawless and powerful landing pages for my clients. In this article, I will be sharing some secrets behind developing a great landing page, which would be of much help for the web designers struggling with its development.

Goal 1: Organized & Clean Design

The appearance, feel and overall structure of your web design greatly affect the effectiveness of landing page and the way it drives conversions. The key goal of the landing page is to make it as simple and easy as possible for the visitors. Hence, it is important that all the components of the page are cohesive towards conversion motive, whether it being making a purchase, filling a form, downloading an eBook or signing up for newsletter.
A great landing page design smartly uses color and appealing images. Certain button colors like green or red are considered to boost landing page conversion, however, you need to make sure that there is a powerful contrast between background and the colors. There are a number of button attributes to be tested to make sure great landing pages. Testing is usually done for color, positioning and size.

Goal 2: Try To Be Minimalist

Make sure you are developing a clean landing page with clear, natural navigations and there is no distractions like pop ups. A great landing page gives all essential information required to encourage visitors to make a purchase, but nothing extra. If you give too much information, it might overwhelm the visitors, pulling him to shut the site. Hence, keep it quite simple and give only necessary information. The information you put on the front and in center should be scanable, with bullet points and sufficient white space.

Goal 3: Header Should Be There

A great landing page must be having strong offer and be compelling enough to explain its value in a very concise and clear way. The heading and subheadings on landing page give a great chance to promote your offer value. Mostly, an effective landing page contains a heading of the offer, with subheadings for its further explanation.

Goal 4: Trust Signals

Great landing pages use a lot of trust signals, which can show to visitors that your offer and brand are reliable and valuable. The trust signals can be of varied forms like testimonials are the most common form, leveraging word-of-mouth marketing to affirm visitor with brand endorsements from previous and current clients. Sometimes, it can be done through “like” counters, which leads to more subtle endorsement trough “Likes” and +1s from different social media sites.

I hope these simple but really important tips can help you developing a great landing page for your web design.

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