GetResponse Email Marketing Software

All-in-one Online Marketing and Automation Platform to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is still one of the most highly successful methods of online marketing. But managing an email campaign takes time. That’s where email marketing software can help.

GetResponse email marketing software offers an all-in-one online marketing platform for businesses, serving as an innovative email marketing solution, it also features as our top pick for email marketing software for Australia.

This software operates as an email management service for your business, helping you to create and send dynamic, tailor-made communications to your contacts during times they are most likely to engage.


How GetResponse Works

The email marketing feature of the software includes a whole host of marketing tools designed to optimize businesses’ marketing communication strategies.

The importance of an email marketing strategy fits right into the communication patterns predominant in this digital age. Following that line of thought, email has been identified as a particularly useful way for marketers to effectively engage and keep in contact with subscribers and is a key part of any digital marketing strategy.

GetResponse’s email software generally serves as an email manager, where you can design, schedule, and even automate the communications you send out to your contacts. The additional stand-out features that more significantly highlight this software as an efficient tool for business marketing strategy are shared below.

Benefits and Features

GetResponse’s software offers a suite of marketing tools that make managing your emails not only easy, but highly productive and effective as a means of optimizing your existing email marketing strategy.

Stand-out benefits and features of this product include:

  • Segmentation Feature – Segment your contacts into groups based on their geolocation, subscriber engagement, custom data and more. By avoiding the overgeneralization of your contact base, you can promote more meaningful and targeted campaigns for engaging effectively with certain contacts.
  • Analytics Dashboard – This software dashboard feature allows you to track the clicks, unsubscribes, and social media shares of each email campaign, as well as track their activity in real-time as contacts open and engage with your messages.
  • Personalisation Options – Effective email campaigns are those that are able to resonate with each and every contact. With Get Response’s software, you can personalize the messages you send by adding in custom details and addressing each contact by name.
  • Customisable – Make the most of the designing process of your online marketing campaigns by building upon over 500 pre-designed content templates or creating your own entirely from scratch. Paired with mobile design controls that offer preview, you can create and manage dynamic content to send out to subscribers
  • Autoresponders – With this autoresponder management feature, you can effectively manage autoresponders and set your communications to auto-pilot, allowing you to immediately engage with new sign-ups.

How Much Does it Cost?

GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial for their all-in-one marketing software, no credit card information required.

After the first thirty days, there are four monthly pricing plans available that offer additional price percentage cuts for annual and 24-month contracts.

  • Email ‒ This beginner’s package is suitable for contact list sizes of 1,000 max. Price: $15/month
  • Pro ‒ The Pro package is the most popular pricing option and is ideal for businesses that are focused on achieving growth in their marketing strategy. Featuring a max list size of 5,000 this package offers various growth-focused features not included in the beginner’s package. Price: $49/month
  • Max ‒ This package is suitable to meet the needs of marketing pros with advanced strategies. Compatible for CRM and E-Commerce, and capable of handling list sizes of up to 10,000 the Max package offers several exclusive features, including: Custom DKIM, Webinars (up to 500 attendees), and Campaign Consulting. Price: $165/month
  • Enterprise ‒ For large businesses focused on achieving and delivering high-performance solutions, this large-scale comprehensive package is accessible to 10 users and includes all features of the Max plan plus additional software features, including: Account Manager, mailout performance, Dedicated IP address, Dedicated infrastructure, and more. Price: $1,199/month