Top reasons to build a WordPress website

WordPress intends to make the process of website design & building simple and hassle-free.

Now, you don’t have to spend hours finding the HTML code that is required for creating a website design. Instead, you can use various tools available in WordPress to make the process of website creation and management an easy one. There are many benefits of using a WordPress website, out of which some key ones are listed below-

    1. WordPress is Free- WordPress does not charge you anything and there are no hidden fees also. You can design your website for free as per your needs and specifications. So, save the money that you would otherwise have to pay to the designer.
    2. Ease of Use and Accessibility- In WordPress, you can make changes or edit the content on your own. It is very easy and simple to use. You will have a website design, which you can easily maintain on your own without any expert. Furthermore, to access WordPress, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.
    3. Works for Blog and a Website Both- Initially, WordPress was used only for blogging but with time it has grown into a full-fledged web content management system. So it is best to use both for your blog and website.
    4. Abundant Themes- A lot of well-designed themes are available that you can use to enhance the visual appeal of your website. You can go through various options and choose the one that you like the most. You can go for an affordable pre-designed theme or get one custom designed for your business branding. Free WordPress themes are also available.
    5. SEO-friendly – Search engine optimization becomes very simple when WordPress is used. Using some plugins like All-in-One SEO Pack and SEO Ultimate plugins, you can easily get good search engine ranking.
    6. Flexibility of usage- WordPress is a complete CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to design a site with immense flexibility. It offers you loads of components like buttons, images, contact form, etc. that you can incorporate in your WordPress website design.
    7. Plugins for additional functionality- By adding a few plugins, you can add additional functionalities to your blog or a simple website design transforming it into a multi-level, full-service site. You can even develop a fully functional e-commerce system through WordPress by inserting a few plugins.
    8. Open Source- It is open-source and is not bound by any restrictions. This gives you the freedom to choose and host your website, anywhere you want, hence, giving you complete control over your website.
    9. Makes Website Mobile Ready- WordPress automatically gets to know where the person is viewing your site, on a mobile or any other device and displays the content accordingly.
    10. Popularity and a good support system- It is the most popular web platform, and almost over 27% of all websites are powered by WordPress. Moreover, if you are stuck anywhere while experimenting with its elements, you can easily get help and support because WordPress has a huge community of reliable users who are always ready to help each other.

We assure you that these are just a few of the many benefits of WordPress website design Brisbane and once you decide to use it, you will experience its other advantages as well. Contact m2media for a free quote or view our wordpress web design services

How much does a WordPress site cost?

How much does a WordPress site cost?

This is a question we get at m2media all the time, and there is no real set answer. It is much like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. We like to compare building a WordPress site to building a house. Both have many variables that influence the final cost. Do you want 2 or 4 bedrooms can be compared to whether you want 10 pages or 100 pages.

Our basic WordPress websites start at around $2,400 and increase depending on additional features. Ecommerce WordPress sites for example average around $5.000

All packages include the following as standard:

  • initial consulting
  • multiple layout designs with revisions based on an existing theme
  • conversion of design into a working WordPress theme
  • responsive layout viewable of mobiles and tablets
  • installation and setup of plugins for contact forms, Google Maps, SEO
  • setup of menu structures
  • setup of all pages and addition of content (within reason)
  • testing
  • launch

Full custom sites will attract a higher cost due to the additional consulting, design and development time required.


There are a lot of extras available that can be included with any WordPress site development. These include

Before asking how much does a WordPress site cost, first work out your website requirements. Here are some simple steps to build your website development brief.

Preparing a website brief

  1. What is the main purpose of the website?
  2. Do you require a full custom design, or happy to use a prebuilt them and modify it?
  3. Do you have your content ready?
  4. Do you have a sitemap of all pages planned out?
  5. What special features are required? These could be an online store, document management, members only area
  6. Does your site require any online forms? If so, have the fields you wish to include ready
  7. Have all your hosting/domain information ready. There is nothing worse than having your site ready to go live, but you can’t find your hosting or domain name information available.
  8. Are there websites that you like the look and feel of?
  9. Have you got any existing marketing material/branding that the website should match?
  10. Are you able to provide logos and other graphics/photos

As you can see the is a lot involved in the initial preparation of your website. The more you can do and supply initially will save a lot of time and costs, and your project will run smoother.


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