Convert your existing website to WordPress

m2 can convert your old html or cms website to WordPress

Why WordPress?

m2 can convert your old HTML, Wix, Joomla or other site to WordPress

 If your site is still not running on the leading content management system, then you’re getting left behind. Many businesses are converting their sites to WordPress not just because it’s a trend, but simply because it’s the practical thing to do. Conversions to WordPress is very common, and here are few features you gain by making the switch.

Content Management has never been this easy!

With WordPress, business owners can easily add new pages, upload new content such as videos and images, and add various kinds of forms with just a few clicks. No technical knowledge required at all.

Save Money with WordPress

There’s no need to hire IT specialists to make changes to your website. You also don’t need to get the services of expensive web designers. WordPress offers various options and functionalities to make these things easier for you.

No Technical Training Needed

Other content management platforms before WordPress require technical training in order to maintain. This makes it hard for the business owner to manage his or her own site. WordPress was created with the layperson in mind. With WordPress’ user-friendly interface and functions, there’s no need for expensive technical training at all.

Save Time – Make instant updates!

With your business growing each day, you’ll have to make changes to your website regularly. Most businesses even need to update their site on a daily basis, which can be time consuming for other content management platforms. With WordPress, you can make instant changes to your site as you keep your customers updated.

Highly scalable

Don’t be locked into one design or layout for years! With WordPress you can easily redesign the look and feel of your site to keep on top of new design trends or even customise to suit the seasons. As more and more features are added to WordPress, updating the core system is as simple as clicking a button.

Security is a WordPress priority

Your customers view your site as your identity. This is why you have to be sure that only authorized personnel can put information on your site. WordPress is designed with security as its top priority. There’s no need to worry about hackers and identity thieves as its one of the most secure platforms there is.

Easily Upgradable

Due to WordPress ability to be updated and reskinned relatively easy, you aren't left with a dinosaur website after a few years. Keep your website looking fresh and modern without a complete rebuild.