Why Use Wordpress

Wordpress is now the most popular and widely used content management systems worldwide

m2 choose Wordpress as the CMS of choice when it comes to building top notch websites every time.

WordPress has come a long way since the days of simply being a blogging platform. It is now used as a full featured content management system for sites from 5 pages upwards of 500+. More importantly, WordPress is simple to use, making it ideal for website owners or admins to manage their own site.

From a technical point of view, WordPress is highly customisable, allowing for full featured custom designed websites built to the clients specifications and not limited by the CMS. Another benefit is the marketplace for additional plugins which can enhance even simple WordPress sites into online storefronts, social networks, or document databases.

Here are 9 reasons why WordPress is such a great content management solution.


Unlike a lot of enterprise CMS solutions that cost an arm and a leg for licensing, WordPress is completely FREE! There are no ongoing costs to update and run WordPress once installed on your site.

Self Editable

Don’t worry about contacting a designer or developer to make changes to your sites content. The simple to use admin area allows for easy updates and changes to content. Add new pages, upload photos yourself saving both time and money.


Templated pages means no matter how many additional pages you add to your site, they will all be easy to navigate and consistant throughout your site.

SEO Friendly

WordPress has been built with SEO in mind. Code has been written without excessive HTML and is standards compliant to give your site the best chance of being ranked higher in search engines.

Future Growth

With so much development support for WordPress, with every new release and update, WordPress continues to grow stronger and stronger, which means your website will not be outdated in 12 months time.


Whether you have 5 pages or 500, WordPress has a framework built to handle it. WordPress is perfect for any sized business, whether you wish to just have an one page online presence, a blog, online store, or large corporate site. Adding features is as simple as a click of a button.


With a built in blogging system, WordPress allows for easy adding of posts, categories and photos, the perfect way to increase search engine activity and engage your customers.


There are thousands of additional plugins written exlusively for WordPress. Turn your site into an online store to sell products, or turn it into a social network site with profiles and forums. The options are endless.

Mobile Ready

No need to create a separate mobile website. WordPress is mobile and tablet friendly, simply install a mobile addon, or use a responsive/mobile ready theme.

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