GetResponse Email Marketing Software

All-in-one Online Marketing and Automation Platform to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is still one of the most highly successful methods of online marketing. But managing an email campaign takes time. That’s where email marketing software can help.

GetResponse email marketing software offers an all-in-one online marketing platform for businesses, serving as an innovative email marketing solution, it also features as our top pick for email marketing software for Australia.

This software operates as an email management service for your business, helping you to create and send dynamic, tailor-made communications to your contacts during times they are most likely to engage.


Our GetResponse Email Software Review

The email marketing feature of the software includes a whole host of marketing tools designed to optimize businesses’ marketing communication strategies.

The importance of an email marketing strategy fits right into the communication patterns predominant in this digital age. Following that line of thought, email has been identified as a particularly useful way for marketers to effectively engage and keep in contact with subscribers and is a key part of any digital marketing strategy.

GetResponse’s email software generally serves as an email manager, where you can design, schedule, and even automate the communications you send out to your contacts. The additional stand-out features that more significantly highlight this software as an efficient tool for business marketing strategy are shared below.

Benefits and Features

GetResponse’s software offers a suite of marketing tools that make managing your emails not only easy, but highly productive and effective as a means of optimizing your existing email marketing strategy.

Stand-out benefits and features of this product include:

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial for their all-in-one marketing software, no credit card information required.

After the first thirty days, there are four monthly pricing plans available that offer additional price percentage cuts for annual and 24-month contracts.