Our Pick of the Best VPN for Australia

VPN reviews and comparisons from a web agency perspective

As a professional web development and design agency, we have many clients that come to us asking what is the best VPN to use for privacy and safety when browsing online. This is a great question as there are many VPN services to choose from.

What is the Best VPN For Australia?

Based on our review criteria, these are our pick of the top VPN software for Australia that will help protect you online.

  1. ExpressVPN – Best for security novices – 300 servers across 94 countries
  2. NordVPN – Best for general users – over 5000 servers worldwide
  3. SurfShark – Best for security gurus – servers across 61 countries & unlimited connections
  4. IPVanish – Best for general users – 75+ different countries
  5. TorGuard – Best for torrenting – over 3000 servers in 55 countries

“There are a lot of VPN services on the market today, all with different features and offerings. As a the owner of digital agency, we are always asked what software we recommend to our clients. The tricky thing is, it all depends on the clients needs and also their future requirements. Small businesses can get away with any of the systems that offer a FREE plan, however, if you plan on growing then it’s best to look for a system that wont cost you a fortune”

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Best VPN Services 2021: Our Top 5 Reviewed


1. ExpressVPN

Voted #1

Quick Overview

Express VPN is in top of our list of the best VPN service providers for all the right reasons. Express VPN is a comprehensive VPN service provider with strong server diversity across the world, providing amazing features. It also has a huge selection of applications that are compatible with multiple platforms and are secure, well-designed, and user-friendly. Read along to know more about whether you should invest in Express VPN or not.

Our Verdict

In an oversaturated industry, Express VPN continues to stand out and outperform the competition. It features a network-lock feature to ensure maximum data security. Apart from this, it also has excellent offshore jurisdiction and company policies in place to ensure the customer’s data is fully protected.

The performance is solid and robust with the best speed for seamless user experience, and it also has Netflix streaming options available for all its applications.

With so many great options in place, Express CPN is our best bet in the best VPNs reviewed. 

Express VPN



2. NordVPN

Quick Overview

Nord VPN is another strong contender in our list of the best VPN service providers.

The Panama based service provider started out in 2012 and until now has become one of the best VPN service providers available in the market with more than 4000 servers placed across 62+ different countries.

The most impressive features provided by the VPN service provider include top-notch security to ensure user privacy, zero-logs privacy policy, and fast speed.

Our Verdict

If you want to know if we would pay for it, the answer is absolutely yes!

It checks all the right boxes of security, privacy, and speed, which are the foundations of a good VPN service provider. Especially when it comes to speed, we think that NordVPN has exceeded our expectations.

One downside is that the application does have some letdowns in some specific regions like Malaysia, but that’s just one country out of 62, so not a major issue.

Nord VPN



3. SurfShark

Quick Overview

SurfShark has been around since recently and has already gained a strong market reputation.

In a very short span of time, it has created an impressive server network. SurfShark offers numerous features like ad blockers, and options to whitelist websites to make the data secure and encrypted. It also offers Netflix streaming services with seamless speed.

If you are looking to invest in SurfShark, read along with the pros and cons related to the product and decide yourself.

Our Verdict

SurfShark is great when it comes to impressive features. The main key points worth mentioning here are consistent speed while using the VPN service, the affordable pricing, and without a doubt, its Netflix streaming.

Users might have additional requirements, but we believe that the project is ideal in terms of privacy and basic performance.

Surfshark VPN



4. TorGuard

Quick Review

TorGuard is Best known for its strong torrenting support and good geographic server diversity.

Some of the best features of this VPN service include a built-in ad blocker, robust security, its ability to bypass censorship without getting notices, zero logs policy, and responsive customer service.

One big downfall of TorGuard VPN is that you have to purchase an additional IP with a monthly fee subscription in order to use Netflix.

Our Verdict 

TorGuard has some really amazing features. The VPN is privacy-friendly with robust features to give users the freedom they want in customization of their user experience. The VPN can easily pass tough regional censorship and offers decent torrenting support.

One of the main drawbacks of TorGuard VPN is that you have to purchase an extra IP dedicated to Netflix streaming with a monthly fee. Plus, we are not quite satisfied with the speed of TorGuard VPN despite the good server diversity. As far as the user interface is concerned, we believe it has a lot of room for improvement as well. Streaming support is also not anything extraordinary. We would love to see better streaming support provided by the VPN service itself instead of an additional costly add-on to be purchased.

TorGuard VPN



5. IPVanish

Quick Overview

The U.S based VPN service provider IPVanish focuses on speed, privacy, and security.

It checks all the boxes when it comes to the standard features of a decent VPN. IPVanish is one of the biggest names in the industry as far as VPNs are concerned, but is it really worth it? Read along for some pros and cons and decide for yourself.

Our Verdict

IPVanish is an easy-to-use VPN service providing multiple simultaneous connections. Its applications are available for all major platforms. The security is very strong in terms of data encryption and standards. This VPN provider also has a zero-logging policy to ensure the data privacy of its users. Other impressive built-in features include kill-switch, traffic obfuscation, and DNS and IPv6 leak protection. The interface of this VPN is easy to use with Kodi and other Android-based media systems.   

IPVanish is an ideal option for security-conscious browsing due to its strong security and privacy policy of no-logging features. However, the system is not able to compete when it comes to online streaming and entertainment.

Some drawbacks of IPVanish VPN are that it falls short when it comes to unblocking Hulu and Netflix. Heavily censored regions like China are not able to use slick apps to bypass blacklists and blocks.  




best vpn australia

What we look at when reviewing the Best VPN services

When doing any review there are a range of items we look at and with VPN services the same rules apply. The core review items such as:

So hopefully our reviews will help you in choosing the best Australian VPN service that best suits your needs.

A Users Guide to VPNs

There are many factors to keep in mind before buying a VPN. Some of the major ones are:

1. Technical Security

Technical security is the most important factor to look for before buying a VPN. A good VPN keeps all the information hidden, even to itself. Make sure the VPN provider offers a wide selection of strong protocols, the latest levels and techniques for encryption, and additional security features like split-tunneling, kill switches, and Tor compatibility.

Look for features that can be audited by a respected third-party. Features like OpenVPN, and AES-256 encryption, are some of the most important features to consider in a VPN. Your VPN should be able to accept anonymous payments. It must incorporate open-source software wherever appropriate, and it should have clear and strict policies for disclosing vulnerabilities.

Finally, a secure VPN should have multiple measures in place to ensure data protection, and it should also offer the latest and the most sophisticated standards for security available. Before buying a VPN, make sure its claims of security are validated by respected third parties.

2. Privacy Policy 

Our second most important factor to consider before buying a VPN is being clear about the privacy policy. Evaluating the privacy policy of a VPN is another important factor to consider. With a market already full of different brands, it gets hard to distinguish sometimes, and buyers end up buying the wrong product. Also, many VPN providers in the market have left room for improvement in privacy policy areas.

The best and the most secure VPNs have ‘Zero-Log Policy’ in place, which means they cannot store any identifying data. However, some VPN providers are using this term without providing any substantial supporting evidence to the buyers, making it difficult for them to be certain whether the VPN is logging or not.

As a buyer, you should be clear about what kind of data the VPN creates and stores during and after a session. You should be clear about the logging policies of the VPN provider and any history of failure to cooperate with legal data requests.

3. Location

Location and jurisdiction are two important features that are overlooked many times. VPN providers are bound to obey local laws and regulations. As a buyer, you should be aware of these laws, and if the VPN provider follows the rules or not as it might affect your privacy.

Theoretically, jurisdiction does not matter if the provider’s privacy policy is watertight. With that being mentioned, a legitimate VPN provider will have clear procedures in response to law enforcement, regardless of the logging policy they have implemented. All these procedures must be available publicly with necessary measures in place to protect user’s data privacy in case third-party requests access to the servers.

4. Business Model and Ownership

VPN service providers can monetize users’ data in unexpected ways. The development and maintenance of a secure and reliable VPN are costly, and many VPN providers choose to subsidize these costs with the help of income generated from multiple external channels.   

Make sure your VPN provider clearly explains how they are generating their revenue and how your sensitive data is being used and processed. You should be able to distinguish whether the service provider is generating revenue from subscriptions only and not from processing personal information.

Lastly, make sure you are aware of the VPN service provider has financial stakes with other VPNs. If they do, make sure you know whether they are sharing data or not. As a VPN buyer, you should know who owns the VPN ultimately and whether or not it can be trusted.

5. Determining Your Standards

People use VPNs for a variety of reasons. From torrenting to service streaming and censorship circumvention, it is important that you are aware of the services VPN provides, and you ensure your requirements are met.

After you have successfully tested your VPN for technical security, privacy policy and business model, it’s worth considering other factors like speed, customer services, and support, and device compatibility. Check the VPN provider’s official website and read reviews to see if the provider will work with the required platform and provides good speed. Also, you can research and find out if their servers are working in heavily censored countries.

Lastly, make sure your VPN service provider has dedicated applications for all types of devices. Lack of applications and support for your smartphone, tablet, or streaming device would result in the risk of partial protection and overall sub-optimal user experience.

Popular VPN Questions

We have put together a list of the most popular VPN questions in the hope that they answer some of your concerns. If you have a question about VPN services, don’t hesitate to ask – shoot us an email.

What is the best VPN for Android?

Pretty much all the VPN services reviewed will work with Android. Based on our findings, ExpressVPN would have to be the best all round VPN for Android users.

What is the best VPN for Mac?

Much like the above question, all the reviewed VPN services will work fine with Mac iOS. When choosing a VPN for Mac it’s best to focus on what you are using the VPN for rather than the operating system you are running.

What is the best VPN for Windows?

ExpressVPN is the best all rounder VPN for Windows and other operating systems. It ticks the most boxes in terms of speed, cost and reliability.

What is the best VPN for watching Netflix?

ExpressVPN or SurfShark offer good Netflix streaming options and are our pick of the best VPN for watching Netflix.

What is the best free VPN?

Coming soon

What is the best VPN for torrenting?

TorGuard is a VPN dedicated to those that use torrenting services.

Our #1 VPN Pick

Express VPN