Updating WordPress Plugins And Themes The Right Way

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So you’re managing a WordPress website yourself, and the plugin and theme update notifications are starting to pile up. It’s time to update, but what should you do? You may have discovered through previous misadventures that updating the software on your site doesn’t always go well. There can be errors in the update process, or […]

The Latest Web Design Trends We Hate

Just because everybody is doing something, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Here are four web design trends we wish would fade. Front page carousels An example of a front page carousel Clients often ask for this one. Imagine a site with a lovely big, visual banner heading up the landing page, with a pointed […]

What’s the Big Deal About Mobile First?

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“Mobile first” is a buzzword you’ve probably heard if you’ve spent any time looking into the process of setting up a website. But what does it mean? Mobile first describes two things in the context of web design. One in a technical sense, and one in a more general sense. In this article Cassie Selin, […]

Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?


So you’ve published a website to promote your business – only nobody has visited. Your site might look beautiful, but it’s not worth much if nobody sees it. So what are the reasons your site might not be getting much traffic? It’s hard to know the reason if you’re new to building and promoting websites. […]

How to make WordPress posts


Are you new to using WordPress? Take a look at this overview of the WordPress post editor to get a feel for how you can create your own blog posts, news and articles. [vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/z4SzvFt-s9c’]

First steps for your new WordPress website


Are you setting up a wordpress site from scratch for the first time? If so there are a few critical things you should do first – which you can find out in a new video which will show you exactly how to get started.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org – what’s the difference?


This is a common beginner question that trips up almost everyone who starts looking into using WordPress to manage their website. When you google ‘WordPress’ for the first time, you are presented with two official homepages for WordPress – wordpress.com and wordpress.org. What’s going on? Why are there two official homepages, and why do they seem […]