Cyclonis Password Manager Review

Designed to be a simple and free password management solution.

cyclonis password manager

Our Review of Cyclonis Password Manager

Are you constantly forgetting your passwords?

Do you worry about having your online passwords stolen?

The digital software company, Cyclonis, offers a free password management solution that aims to simplify the process of securely managing and keeping track of all of your passwords.

Available for both Windows and Mac devices, the data management software can be easily accessed and downloaded at no charge from the Cyclonis website. Cyclonis is also our number 2 pick for the best password managers for Australia.

How It Works

By downloading the Cyclonis software to your computer and installing it onto your primary internet browser, you will have access to its secure data storage and management capabilities right at your fingertips.

The software features end-to-end encryption and requires only a master password – as well as an optional two-factor authentication system – to access your stored data. This data storage can include passwords for all of your online accounts, as well as your personal profile and payment information for quick digital check-outs.

Cyclonis Password Manager allows you to keep all of your passwords neatly organized and secure for your use – and your use only. Additional features, explained in further detail below, also allow you to generate and assess the strength of your myriad of passwords to help you keep all of your sensitive information protected.

All in all, this innovative data software works to optimize your online experience by making the navigation of various login, registration, and checkout pages a simpler and faster process than ever before.

Benefits and Features

Unlike simply storing all of your various online passwords in a digital document, or – even worse – on a printed piece of paper near your primary computer, using a data management software can provide security.

Whether it’s your password for Facebook or your online banking account, it is important to keep your passwords safe and outside the reach of unauthorized users. Because Cyclonis Password Manager is encrypted with a 265-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-265), you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive data is sufficiently protected.

Additional benefits and features this Cyclonis software offers include: