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dashlane password manager

Dashland Password Manager Review

With all the memberships, social media platforms, online retailers, and every other miscellaneous websites out there, it is no wonder that people constantly forget their passwords.

Many people write them down or keep notes on their mobile device about the various passwords and which websites they are for, but that can quickly become overwhelming, inefficient, and risky. So what about a website or program that does it for you?

What exactly is a password manager? This refers to a program that catalogues various passwords for different websites and will also help you log in whenever the program is running and you access the website. It is a secure platform, and you will no longer need to keep an endless list of passwords.

Dashlane Password Manager is one of these sites and it is our best pick of Password Managers for Australia. There are various programs like this on the market, but there are ways in which Dashlane stands out.

Dashlane Features

As with all password managers, Dashlane comes equipped with the ability to log your passwords. It does this either by saving them when you login, or you can manually add them in individually. Either way, it will keep a running list of your passwords. It does more than just store your passwords, though.


Dashlane features an autofill feature, so whenever you visit a website to login, it will automatically enter the correct information without you having to dig through Dashlane or your notes to find it. It makes logging in incredibly simple.

Security Alerts

If your login from a certain website is stolen or the website suffers a breach, Dashlane features a security alert feature that will warn you when this occurs. Then you can take steps to prevent any possible (or further) damage.

Random Generator

Dashlane is also equipped with a random password generator. The random generator will produce strong, typically unusual logins that will make it difficult to steal or hack. Where most people will choose something easy to remember (and easy to figure out), the random generator makes it nearly impossible to decode your information.

One-Click & Change

You can easily change passwords with their one-click and change feature. If you need to update your information, simply use this feature to change it in the storage catalogue, and the autofill feature will do the rest.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Dashlane works on tablets, phones, and computers. Wherever you need your passwords, Dashlane can be there to help you login with ease.

Dashlane Plans

There are different levels of the Dashlane platform that you can use. The basic option is the Free option, which carries no fee and has to structural components of the program. You can store and log your information from various websites with Dashlane Free. It features the security alerts, the ability to change your passwords instantly, and the random generator for unique logins. It also currently comes with a 30-day trial of the Premium version.

The Premium plan includes everything that the Free plan includes, plus a few more features. You can sync your information from Dashlane across an unlimited number of devices, and you can even share your login information with a few select contacts. You also get priority VIP Support from Dashlane if you have any issues.

The Business Plan features everything from the above two plans, plus a SmartSpace for unlimited work and personal password storage. If you store more than 50 accounts on your Dashlane program with this plan, you will also have a dedicated account manager to help.

Dashlane Password Manager is one of the best on the market, no matter which plan you choose. It makes it easy and less stressful to access the accounts you love and need most.

How Much Does it Cost?

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