How to watch Netflix with a VPN

Netflix has grown to become one of the most popular online streaming services. From movies to TV shows, the options are endless when you choose this streaming service. There are several subscription plans that it offers, and you can easily pick one that fits your budget. There is one little hack some users pick to gain access to endless content on Netflix, and that is to use a VPN. With a VPN or virtual private network, you can make the connection request appear like it is coming from a different location. The virtual network that your VPN provider offers would mask your PC’s IP address and location from the server that you are trying to connect with. Some users use this little trick to access Netflix content from around the world. There might be some content that is only accessible in specific regions. With a VPN, you can gain access to content from around the world with a single Netflix subscription.

Is it illegal to use a VPN to watch Netflix?

Using a VPN merely to work your way around the geographical restrictions is not directly illegal as of today. There are no laws that restrict the use of VPN to access streaming sites. You might, however, check with your local legislation regarding the use of VPN in general, to get a clearer picture.

When can VPN be useful for Netflix?

There are times where you badly want to watch a movie that is available on Netflix. You login only to find that the movie is currently not available for your region whereas it is available in some other country. That is when you might find a VPN to be an easy solution to tackle this restriction and watch your favorite movie, no matter where you are located.

There are some places where Netflix is prohibited. You might already own a valid Netflix subscription, but then there could be times where you travel to a place where you cannot access Netflix. This is another situation where you can benefit from using a VPN for Netflix access.

To put in simple words, the VPN services for Netflix would help you change the viewing region for your Netflix account.

Do all VPNs work?

Netflix imposed a ban on the use of proxies to access the site and its services. This is why you might come across a prompt that requests you to turn off the proxy before accessing the site when you try using it with a VPN. The key is, therefore, to identify the best possible VPNs that work with Netflix. There is a handful of credible options that you can choose.


Once you pick one of them for your computer here are the steps involved-

  1. Make sure that you create your account in the VPN. This lets you trust on the service for several internet browsing instances and not just for Netflix.
  2. Change the location on your VPN to the desired location whose Netflix library you intend to explore.
  3. Before you access content, ensure that you clear the cache memory of your browser.
  4. Log in to your Netflix account from the device where you have installed the VPN. Unless you plan to watch the movie only on a browser, pick a router-based VPN, which lets you access the desired Netflix location from all the connected devices when you have a multi-device subscription.
  5. When you open the Netflix library, you should be able to view the content that you wanted.

How to pick a VPN for Netflix?

  • Pick a security-focused VPN which would help strengthen the overall security of your connections. This can be useful when it comes to securing your credentials and can prevent Netflix from restricting your connection.
  • Choose a VPN that doesn’t store your device information. There are plenty that maintains anonymity without recording the data about the devices that send the request.
  • When you pick a VPN, you might find the information about it right on the product page. Check whether the VPN is capable of unblocking Netflix libraries before you choose any paid services.
  • Having round-the-clock customer services is an added advantage. This helps you quickly get a response in case you do not know how to proceed at any given step. There are several options in each budget with many security options. Pick something fast and reliable. User-friendly options are easy to find.

A final note

You should only choose VPNs that come with robust encryptions when you wish to access streaming sites. Remember that your payment information and login credentials would all be at risk when you access your paid streaming services from a network that is not secure. VPNs that work at the router level can ensure that your entire network is safe. This also helps protect devices like smart TVs or even your home smart speaker that carries a lot of vulnerable information, including your contact details and location.

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