Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A VPN

Have you thought of installing a virtual private network (VPN) and then dumped the idea as an unnecessary expense? Well, this article will give you 5 reasons for changing your mind and installing the best VPN for your PC or laptop today!

1. Protects your IP address

Any user logs on to the internet using the internet protocol (IP) address of their device. This exposes the user to many risks as the IP address can reveal a lot of sensitive information about the person. A person’s location, language, and the internet service provider (ISP) currently being used, can all be known using the IP address. A user can mitigate these risks by using a VPN.

When a VPN is installed on your device, you will access any site on the internet through a virtual network. Therefore if you make a connection request to a site, it will look as if the request is coming from the VPN and not from your IP address. Thus it is the VPN’s IP address that will be visible and not yours!

Moreover, the information passed between your device and the VPN is encrypted. It ensures that your device is untraceable, and you are not left like a sitting duck for cybercriminals to pry upon.

2. Protects your browsing history

As discussed, if you do not use a VPN, then you access the net through your device’s IP address. It can pose a problem as your ISP can access your browsing history.

Therefore if you search for information that is prohibited by the government, then it will surely raise a few red flags.

Also, online marketers exploit a user’s search history to bombard them with targeted ads. So if you have searched online for a waffle recipe in the past, you are most likely to get find advertisements related to finding the best place for buying tasty waffles near you in your news feeds.

Access to your browser history is a violation of your privacy. It can leave you vulnerable to eavesdropping and potentially harm your reputation. This can be avoided by using a VPN as the virtual network will cloak your IP address and thereby protect your browsing history.

3. Protects you while using public WiFi

The free Wifi in a coffee shop or a hotel that you are staying in may seem like attractive perks. But what one does not realize is that public WiFi is not very secure. A hacker can gain access to these networks and control your device without you even knowing it!

Using sniffer software, hackers can decipher sensitive information such as your login details and passwords and put you at risk. They can even read your emails, bank statements, and private messages on your social media. Your device can also be infected with malware. Hence, it is strongly recommended not to access banking websites or shop online when using public WiFi.

So how do you get out of this jam? Use a VPN!

If you connect to a hotspot using a VPN, you need not worry about the safety of the public WiFi network as all the traffic coming from your device will be encrypted. It will keep you and your data protected against cyber attacks.

4. Protects your freedom

We live in times where we deeply rely on streaming platforms for meeting our daily dose of entertainment. But did you know that there are different versions of the on-demand services in different countries? Put, you may not be able to watch your favorite series if you move out of your country. Also, there are countries where some of the on-demand platforms cannot be accessed.

To get around the problem of geo-blocked content, you need to install a VPN. It gives you the power to unblock tons of content from around the world by encrypting your traffic and make it appear as if you are logged in from an entirely different country.

Using a VPN also gives you the freedom to bypass certain restrictions. If the internet at your place has restrictive network controls, VPN can circumvent this by not only encrypting your IP address but also keep your browsing history private.

5. Protects you from tracking

We all love Google and its free services. But it tends to get a bit creepy when it knows about everything you do and every place you go. If you browse the net casually without caring about your privacy settings, Google will store and track all your movements online. It will even search your Gmail to show you better-targeted advertisements.

This may put you in a difficult or embarrassing situation, depending on where you went and what you searched for.

A VPN provides the user with the power to stop Google and others to track their location and activities online.

Bottom line

While VPN is not something new, it has gained a lot of momentum in the recent past. People realize the importance of protecting their online privacy. So if you want to safeguard yourself in the virtual world, get a VPN to hide your IP and save yourself from any inconvenience.

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