How to Increase Online Marketing Exposure

Online marketing has evolved into a major component of companies of all sizes.

The majority of businesses today whether online based or not have a dedicated online marketing strategy.

The most successful businesses, whether small start-ups or corporations schedule a planning session or at least a get together to check in on how effective their online marketing and web design is and what can or should be changed to make it better. When done correctly, online marketing can garner amazing results for your business.

When adjusting or building your online marketing and web design strategies, consider the following:

#1 Think beyond the blog

Assuming that a blog by itself will satisfy for online marketing exposure is just silly. There are numerous other forms of content to help your brand. Things like eBooks, webinars, vlogs, podcasts, and infographics are all things that are easier to share and get a conversation going about your business or brand and will help tremendously with your online marketing exposure.

In today’s online world, video and quick things to click are much easier to share and engage potential customers with. Engagement is huge when it comes to successful online marketing. In addition to creating different types of exposure, keep in mind your target audience. What do they use most for gathering information about content? This will help you prioritize your exposure channels.

Furthermore, the very web design you use should also play a major role in your online strategy. A hard to use and unappealing website will guarantee the loss of potential paying customers.

2. Don’t fear to give away information for free

When creating a successful online presence, you are the expert in your business. This means you know all about whatever service or product you are selling, and why it is best for your customers. Sharing insights and tips to help build up trust in your online presence will go far when coupled with online marketing efforts. Customers are far likely to be more receptive to marketing from a business they know and trust. Utilising email marketing software is a great way to get your content out to your customer base.

3. Look at the type of online marketing you are providing

What is your audience? Are you a business to consumer kind of brand, or a business to business service provider? Whether you sell products or services will determine what kind of online marketing you need to work for, because consumer-business relationships can be bolstered by a story that is compelling, but a business to business relationship will require data-oriented online marketing. Along with this is identifying the top performance indicators for your brand and industry to help you measure if you are succeeding in your online digital marketing exposure, or if you need to adjust your strategy. Some indicators could be visits to your website, the number of downloads you’re receiving, or the number of shares via the numerous social media platforms available. If you’re going to be serious about successful online marketing exposure, you need to measure how well you’re doing.

By building a solid foundation for your online marketing exposure, and being willing to adjust it when necessary, you can observe your success skyrocket. Online marketing exposure is imperative so that people, who mainly use the internet to find most anything these days, can find and know of your business and products.

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Web Design

The great thing about web design is that you have complete control over how you want your online site to look. Having a great web design when creating your site can increase productivity and the traffic going to your site. Clients want something that’s easy to navigate and looks good.

Here are a few quick tips to improve your web design so that you can take your website design to the next level.

#1 Sidebars

While you may use sidebars to enhance the usability of your site, you may be creating clutter instead. Sidebars are usually used to create quick links to recent posts or popular content on your site. While this should technically enhance the user experience, very rarely do visitors use them.

We are not saying you need to get rid of sidebars completely. Instead, you can try phasing them out by making your content and other important elements the focal point of your page. You can do this by using designs and colors that stand out.

#2 Social Media Icons

So, your viewers have finally landed on your website! If you have your social media icons on the top of the page you are inviting them to leave your site. Instead, try to list these icons in the footer of your page so that consumers can browse your site, make a purchase, and then if they wish they can be redirected to your social media account.

Additionally, you should be using your social media accounts to drive more traffic to your actual website – not the other way around. Advertise your business as much as you’d like on social networks, however, once the viewer lands on your page, you want to keep them there long enough to make a sale!

social media icons

#3 Navigation

Simplify your navigation to provide a user-friendly experience for everyone. When it comes down to web design, sometimes less is more! Reducing visitor options can help guide viewers to the important content on your site. Also, they may feel overwhelmed when being offered to many options.

To simplify your navigation options eliminate drop-down menus and reduce the number of links you have in your sidebar and header.

#4 Play with Font Size

The typography you use on your site is such an important part of web design. You want to make important headings or phrases stand out by increasing the font size and bolding text if necessary. Consider increasing your normal font size as well to increase visibility.

#5 Use White Space

Don’t try to cram everything into a small space. You want your web design to be able to “breathe”. To give your site a clean layout, consequently, your viewers increased usability, use whitespace whenever necessary. You don’t need the color top to bottom. Instead, give your site a cleaner layout by adding some blank areas.

Following these five quick tips can make a significant difference in your web design. It will give your viewer an easier to navigate site increasing user experience. Additionally, having a cleaner web design will give your site a more professional look encouraging your visitors to make a purchase.

white space in web design

If you still have questions, the team at m2 is ready to help. Feel free to contact us and we can assist you with improving your website design.