Getting started with Affiliate Marketing and your WordPress website

WordPress is after many years one of the most popular platform for designing and developing websites. It has shown itself worthy especially when it comes down to developing affiliate blogs. If you want to reliably earn money online, affiliate marketing is the best way for that. It is a proficient method for bringing revenue into the bloggers’ wallets.

However, making an original, converting product is a challenging and difficult process, and on the other hand, it is much easier and more profitable to sell a product instead of making it. This article brings together the basic guide to Affiliate marketing and WordPress in order to make a great website that will sell products from various niches.

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing site takes the time to start blooming and generating revenues. But, once it starts it will be your main source of income and while it will not only generate traffic but also improve your site’s SEO. Good quality and a great command of technical SEO generate great quality leads and make your brand, your product (in case you have one) reach out. The great influence of your brand supports the selling of other products that are not part of your affiliate program.

The more popular your program becomes around the affiliates the more marketing costs will turn into the costs of managing your affiliate program. With a steady and smoothly running program, there will be a lot of marketers that are reaching out towards you, and most likely they will commit to promoting your product and/or brand.

The Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Like you’ve seen in the subheading above, affiliate marketing with all of these advantages should give you all the reasons to start your affiliate site today but, this is not any near an easy task. While nearly WordPress user might think that this is a great choice for him or her, there still are things that you should be cautious about.

Starting and designing a WordPress site is genuinely easy, even running it is somewhat easy. But what is the key to making it successful? Not every WordPress site is successful from simple reason because it needs some technical knowledge after all. You will feel that you started very swiftly and painlessly but after a while, you’re going to figure out that there’s a long road to take before the site becomes successful. You can’t start earning in a day, at the start no affiliate site will gather you enough money for the living or even a decent stack of money. Without the benefits listed above, this indeed looks like a spooky decision.

Yes, Affiliate Sites are great, and they offer a lot of advantages. It indeed sounds great to generate sales selling other people’s products and brands but, you should all take into the consideration that it takes the time to grow, a lot of cherishing and dedication. Even the biggest affiliate brands started out small and had a long path to develop enough to be called successful.

This is not to scare you but, more likely to encourage you to be more cautious and careful. Moreover, perform some in-depth analytic research that will help you improve the understanding of this matter.

Making an Affiliate Marketing Website

# Step 1 Choose your product(s)

It is essential and of utmost importance to find a product that people need, a product that converts.

There are many products available in the world, but you need to find the one selling for, which will meet the demands of all your affiliates and be necessary for potential customers. There are affiliates that have their own product but they invested a lot of time and hard work for getting it. Promoting an inferior product can end up badly for you, which means losing the trust of your affiliates and that is the dead end.

Moreover, the poor product will result in customers requesting refunds, which results in a lot of headache in money transfers. Choose your product smart, and you won’t have to deal with these headaches. Poor management of affiliate site either leads to losing money, affiliates or customers. Losing all three can be much, much worse.

#Step 2 The Right Affiliate Program Saves the Day

After you’ve found your dream product and niche, now it’s time to choose the right affiliate program.

Whether you will use a platform or a plugin there are advantages and disadvantages. If you choose a platform, the affiliate program will be stored outside the WordPress folder but, going along with a plugin means that either product and affiliate program is run by the WordPress admin.

#3 Recruit Affiliate or advertise your website on social media networks and other websites

After you’ve created your website, it is important that people hear about you. If you already own a product, you will need to find an independent method that will bring sales upon your product(s).

You can promote your product easily, through social media marketing, email marketing and a suitable banner ad that will be eye-catching and will resonate with your potential customers and clients. Sending e-mails, making blog posts such as reviews of the product can reach out for more affiliates and generate trusted partners in your favor.

#4 Optimize your Website

There are various tools that can support you in tracking, managing your audience and provide general optimization to your affiliate program. This can cost depending on how much of an audience you want to generate. Even if it is more expensive and time-consuming, the right optimization and maintenance can help you maintain the excellence in your affiliate program and make it grow.


This brings our general guide to the end. There are a large selection of themes and plugins that will make your website look more vibrant and eye-catching to the potential clients. Using the right method, and implementing the WordPress platform with the sufficient amount of plugins can greatly enhance the quality of the product or convince the potential buyer to use your affiliate link to buy the product. Like mentioned before, it is a long and challenging task but, with the right time invested, persistence and hard work it can succeed. Have you ever tried affiliate marketing? How did it work out for you?

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