Is it legal to use a VPN service in Australia?

Australian VPN services allow you to mask your computer’s IP address and location when you browse the internet. These will enable you to access risky sites securely. You can also enjoy the privacy that these connections offer.

Is VPN legal in Australia?

The first question that arises when it comes to accessing proxies and VPNs is about the legal aspects. It is only natural that people are scared to access a site that is blocked. If the VPN is letting your override this restriction, there is always doubt about credibility.

Would it be illegal to use a VPN to browse the internet when you are in Australia? No. Some countries around the globe have stringently declared that the use of a VPN would be illegal.

However, Australia is not one of them. You can confidently use a VPN when you are in Australia.

Make sure that you stay away from risky connections only as a measure to safeguard your PC and your data. VPNs can come into the picture for those times where you need to access sites blocked due to your geographic location.

Pick the best of VPN services that are used by the Australians. Check out the reviews from critics and users to know whether the service works in your country. Finally, know about the security the VPN offers and ensure that you do not pick something that leaks your data.

Role played by a VPN in your internet connection

When you are browsing a site, the corresponding server might capture information like your PC’s IP address and DNS or location details. Sometimes this can be a problem, especially if the server is not secure. This allows hackers to access these details and thus put your PC at the risk of being hacked. VPNs help by rerouting your connection request. Your computer communicates with the VPN, and it creates a virtual connection on your PC’s behalf. The address that goes in the connection request would be the IP that the VPN assigns and not your PC’s IP. The server then sees the request from a different IP and different location and not from your original location. This false set of credentials is what your hacker would have access to. As long as you are accessing a site that is not banned or considered illegal in Australia, you can use a VPN easily.

Times when you need a VPN in Australia

  • There are times where you might be supporting your teams from home. For remote support in the enterprise scenario, VPN networks have a bigger significance. Australians are outdoor-loving people. However, there are times you are bound to work from home. Sometimes you might need to access your office files while you are traveling. For a variety of such office applications, VPNs come as handy solutions.
  • Australia is very stringent about the metadata retention process. Considering the security of each and every citizen, the country monitors and blocks risky sites. This makes it impossible to gain access to several sites even when you are in a dire need. Using VPN, you can make sure that your IP address is not being logged in unwanted situations. Your PC’s identity stays hidden while you access your favorite sites.
  • Sometimes, you might have clients or customer websites from other countries. When you have to check those sites, if they are not available for your region, then you would not be able to gather desired information. When you use a VPN, you would be able to access content that is available for any other country outside Australia.
  • Online streaming services often restrict the content based on the region from where you are browsing the services. You might have an excellent online streaming service already like Netflix. You move to Australia and find that your required streaming service is not available in the country. Or, you notice that the content that is available for the Australian audience is limited. These are times when you would not like to waste the subscription that you paid for. During these occasions, you can pick a good VPN and continue using your streaming service as intended. This would also help you expand the options available in your region by virtually changing the region on your VPN.
  • There are people involved in the field of research or digital marketing who might be accessing sites from around the globe. The website might redirect you to the Australian page by default when it identifies your location. This would only allow you to view the Australian version of the site and not the global picture. If you have to study about the website from a different region’s perspective or that of the global audience, then you can rely on a VPN. This lets you manually change the region and thus enables you to see what the site looks like when you physically access it from the chosen region.

VPN is not illegal in Australia as long as you only use it to override geographical restrictions. Clearly understand what your VPN offers before you pay for the services.

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