Top 5 Contemporary Web Design Trends 2016

Check out these top 5 web design trends when designing your next website

The concept of web design is highly influenced by the available web technologies and innovative ideas. Both of these factors are prone to swift changes. Web technologies are improving at a very fast pace nowadays. More efficient, robust and effective technologies and human creativity are changing the trends of web design very fast. Some of the most contemporary web design trends are given below.

1. Material Design

The material web design is a new concept of visual language to convey a meaningful message through 3 dimension material, like light, material, and shadow. It uses innovation and possibilities of science and technology into the design of a website.

Every material is depicted in x, y and z dimensions with the help of cast shadows, lights, and material. The standard thickness used for a single position along the z-axis is 1dp. Different light sources, such as key light, ambient light, and combination of the both are used to create meaningful shadows. This design is getting more and more popular nowadays across all domains globally.

2. Responsive Design

The responsive design is very critical in the present day modern era, where people use multiple devices and platforms to access the websites. The responsive design is that one, which has full flexibility and capability to load smoothly on all types of devices both static and mobile devices. Use of responsive design is the fundamental need of the day because mobile is taking over the legacy devices to access the websites. A good responsive design can be created by following certain standards, like percentile image, limited or conditional use of CSS & JavaScript, the use of response and server-side RESS and others. It is becoming a web standard that follows all performance-related rules of a website.

3. Well Heeled Animation

The proper use of animation in different styles creates a great user experience (UX) on the website. The movement of the content on a website always brings immediate attention to the visitor. There are many other benefits of rich animation on the website, like easy learning, quick understanding, entertainment, and deep impact; so people use it extensively on the website. There are certain disadvantages of excessive animation used on the website too. For instance, slow down of the website, less SEO ranking, and others. So, it is always recommended to prudently use the animation and the backend technologies behind the animation.

4. Iconographic Design

In the past few years, this web design is getting more and more popular across all domains of websites. The hamburger icon is extensively used to display the menu. There are many big websites and applications that use a hamburger icon instead of a huge list of menu items. Meanwhile, visual icons for different purposes are also extensively used in the present-day web designs. The icons bring many advantages for the website, such as great UX, entertainment, easy to understand icons, and lightweight icon to work with and many others.

5. Cards Layout Web Design

The ‘cards’ web design is also becoming a new trend in the present day web marketplace. In the card’s design, multiple cards or patches are used to segregate the multiple zones, areas, and topics of the website. The cards are easy for the readers to figure out the required information. The cards design can easily incorporate the desired animation without messing up with other useful information on the page. Owing to these salient features, this type of web design has become one of the hottest web designs of the year.

A website cannot be solely developed with the help of just one design features; you can incorporate more than one trend into a professional website. Other than these five trends, there are many other website design trends that are also becoming popular in the marketplace.

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