Top 5 Features of a Well Designed Website

A well-designed website takes care of all important aspects of the purpose of a website. The main purpose of a website has always been doing business one way or the other. So, a good design website should be suitable technically, visually and commercially for achieving the business objectives. Top 5 features of a well-designed website are given below.

1. User Friendly

The internet users have become so demanding that they don’t wait for even a single second to read what you say. They focus on the solution of their problems described in a simple and intuitive way. Therefore, the website should be very user-friendly so that the user can find some value and stay with some time on your website. The user-friendly website should have the following main features.

  • Eye-catching user interface
  • Fast page loading time
  • Easy to navigate forward and backward on different pages easily
  • There should be a perfect website layout in which useful information and links should be placed on the specified locations, such as a search field, contact link, support link, and others.
  • Social media sharing links should be available to share information with friends.
  • Should have entertaining content with useful information

2. Search Engine Friendly

Every website should have full features that can capitalize on the power of search engine optimization. There should be proper scrutiny of the errors or mistakes that can damage the authority of the website on search engines. A search engine friendly website should have:

  • No dead links to generate a ‘404’ error
  • Prudent use of JavaScript, CSS and other animation tools that are not suitable for search engine crawlers to index in the search engine results
  • Fresh and updated content to increase the authority of the website

3. Business Friendly

The main purpose of a good design website is always to achieve business goals. So, any useful website always takes care of all factors that contribute to the successful achievement of the business goals. The major points of a business-friendly website are given below.

  • Solution-oriented approach to the customer problems
  • Should have clear and easy to read content
  • The website should be multi-browser and platform compatible
  • Should be mobile compatible to support all types of modern Smartphone, tablets, and laptops
  • The checkout process should be very easy and simple to follow
  • Link to contact information should be located at the prominent position on all pages

4. Contemporary Design

The first important thing that leaves the first impression on the visitors as well as on the search engine bots is its design. So, the design should be chosen in such a way that it is not only contemporary but also very suitable for technical purposes. The latest designs should follow the present-day web site design trends and industry best practices. A creative and trendy design attracts and retains visitors more effectively than the generic website. So, the design should be modern and trendy for a good website.

5. Social Media Friendly

It has been found that many people share different links, images, products and services through social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and others. So, a web designed website should have social media sharing links so that any person that visits your web pages can share the information with his/her friends. The social media sharing links should be placed at a prominent location on every page of the website. Linking to your social media accounts and also sharing posts from your website on your social accounts will form part of your social media marketing strategy.

If you take care of the above mentioned main features of a well designed website, you would end up with a perfect website suitable for achieving your business bottom lines.

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