WordPress 3.8 out now

WordPress has released version 3.8 which sees a major upgrade to the admin area including new skins, typography, enhanced mobile experience. Instantly users will notice the new black menu bar and flat colours which provide a great contrast between the menu and editor areas.

What we find to be a great new feature is the sidebars in the widgets area now split into 2 columns, making it much easier to allocate widgets to sidebars. No longer do you have to drag widgets down to the very last sidebar at the bottom of the page. This is great for sites who have more than about 5 sidebars.

Installed plugins are now colour coded, allowing users to instantly differentiate between active and inactive plugins.

A new theme is also included titled Twenty Fourteen, which aims at allowing users to create a responsive magazine style blog which will sure to be a big hit amongst up and coming bloggers.

Overall we are very impressed with the new update and it seems to be quite a lot faster when navigating between pages, posts, and other sections of the admin area. If you are running an old outdated version of WordPress, then it’s best we have a look first at your theme to make sure it wont be corrupted when upgrading to WordPress 3.8.

If you wish to have us upgrade your old site to the new 3.8 WordPress then please contact us.

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