Is Shopify Email Marketing Free In Australia?

The reality is that not all email marketing services are created equal when it comes to selecting the best email marketing software. Even though each email marketing provider varies slightly, the great majority provide the same fundamental functions to all customers.

If you wish to use Shopify for your email marketing, then you will be happy to know that it is FREE to use with a standard Shopify Plan.

You can send up to 10,000 emails each month for free using Shopify Email, and each additional 1,000 emails cost $1. You have access to all the features and there are no monthly obligations.

Why use Shopify for Email Marketing

If you already have an online store with Shopify, then it makes sense to keep your email marketing and store in with the same provider.

With the aid of Shopify Email, you can communicate with subscribers and create enduring consumer relationships. For businesses who seek robust email capability with minimum effort, its simple and elegant interface eliminates the burden present in programmes like MailChimp or GetResponse.

Some Of The Shopify Email Features

  • Directly from your Shopify admin you can send branded emails to your subscribers with only a few clicks.
  • A growing library of email marketing templates is available, including those for items, sales, restocks, newsletters, holidays, events, and more. Including templates and images for each phase of your business.
  • You may easily personalise an email by changing the text, buttons, graphics, layout, and more.
  • For a more engaging experience, add consumer information to your subject line, preview, and body text.
  • To maintain consistency in your material, copy prior emails.
  • Show more pliability. To send an email at a specified time, schedule it.
  • Import your lists directly into Shopify
  • Emails should be segmented to ensure that the correct recipient receives them.
  • Automate email campaigns to cut down on repetitive tasks and to communicate with clients depending on their customer journey at the appropriate moment.
  • Follow up on outcomes, including as open and click-through rates, items added to carts, and transactions.
  • If you buy your domain on Shopify, sending emails from your domain requires little setup.

Using Shopify Email for your Email Marketing

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a starting point. It’s time to make the most of Shopify for Email and start experimenting so that you can start using email marketing for the benefit of your company. In the end, how well you use email marketing to expand your business will determine its success more than the product itself.

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