3 easy ways to add reviews to your WordPress website

Reviews have become an important factor in the world of e-commerce, and as such, they are important elements in modern life. People use reviews to express their opinion about various things, from products such as books, makeup, and sports equipment to the movies, cinemas, and restaurants. Reviews are also used in affiliate marketing where writers will review products and earn commissions if a visitor purchases the reviewed product.

Various surveys have been published regarding the reviewing and even 90% of the participants admitted that the vast majority of their buying decisions are based on the reviews left on the product sites. At the same, another survey has reported that people prefer trusting online reviews far more than a personal recommendation. [3]

With so many reviews available on the internet, you can easily make a lot of money if you can make the right use of them. Amazon can thank its amazing reviewing system that boosts the sales, as the customers can easily trust the verified reviews. Also, bloggers in-depth rely on reviews when they’re out of writing ideas.

In order to make your reviews look genuinely nice and professional, you will have to make them look functional. If your website runs on WordPress, there are five very useful WordPress reviewer plugins that can make your product and/or product review look very useful and helpful, enough to make someone purchase the product, and this article makes a compelling list of plugins and describes their most important features in the process.

#1 WordPress Reviewer Plugin

This amazing reviewing plugin designed by EvoG is available on CodeCanyon for $25. Reviewer has an amazing design, followed with a sleek and user-friendly interface that is very intuitive in the process. It comes with a great variety of features that allow you to present your review as accurate as possible. The contemporary reviews are split into seven parts. This includes overall rating, user rating, a thumbnail, pros and cons and the summary of your review.

Just like most of the other plugins, the Reviewer is fully customizable. It comes with a user-friendly, handy rating system and offers an unlimited selection of colors. Reviewer also sports nine templates and, each one of them has a unique style and layout and additionally, customizable accordingly.

This is not the end of the Reviewer’s features. The Reviewer allows you to compare tables without a sweat. You can easily put review scores side by side allowing your readers to more thoroughly approach the given reviews. The plugin as well can take its pride in a large high functioning community. While the user reviews can be left through the comments, they’re also enabled to share their opinions through three options: Overall rating, criterion-by-criterion or either a star or slider rating function. There are also seven fully customizable widgets that make the sidebars very functional while making navigation between the reviews piece of cake.

#WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro belongs to one of the top-rated reviewing plugins. You can easily get it on MyThemeShop for just $29. The price also includes proficient support for one year. If you’re looking for a way to make your reviews professional and as if they have some kind of attitude, this is the right plugin for you. The plugin includes great CSS animations that easily grab attention from the audience.

WP Review Pro offers customizable reviews that feel soft to the eye and allow the user to choose among the unlimited selection of colors, size of the boxes for reviewing and numbers of criteria.

There are various review systems available through the WP Review Pro: stars, points, circles or percentages. WP Review Pro enhances the navigation with additional tabbed review widget which is of great help to those who are not completely friendly with using computers. Moreover, readers can easily express their opinion through a single-click rating. Some people prefer leaving a professional and analytic review which includes more details and they can do that via the comments that are placed at the bottom of the post.

Rich snippets help the search engines enhance optimization. And in order to more boost the SEO, the plugin is agile and running lighting fast. To those who would like to perform a detailed plugin testing, there’s a free trial version but it doesn’t come in its full power.

#3 Taqyeem

Taqyem can be bought for just $17 from CodeCanyon. Together with the plugin, you get six months support. The plugin has a dark and light theme included. Additionally, both themes can be customized with an unlimited choice of colors. Along with this feature, you can customize the typing with 600 and more Google fonts. Also, you can choose between two sizes of summary boxes: full and half-width. You can choose between three review systems: star, percentages, and points, while the readers are also able to leave user ratings.

There are also an additional three widgets that make this plugin very functional. The best, recent and random reviews. In order to make your plugin more functional, the developers have released two extensions.

  • Taqyeem Button Addon that costs $6 which adds buttons to your review box allowing you to choose any color that you like and roughly 500 icons. This addon appeals to the affiliate sites owners.
  • Taqyeem Predefined Criteria Addon which allows you to re-use the criteria you regularly use without wasting your time. It can be found for $7.

#4 WP Product Review Lite

This review plugin will help everyone with a tight budget or people who have just started their business and need a reliable plugin that will introduce them to the system. Despite being free, this plugin has a lot to offer.

Aside from fantastic looking review boxes, the plugin contains a rating out of 10, pros and cons, thumbnail image and two affiliate links. Reviews can be fully customized with an offered choice of typography, positioning, and selection of colors. Ratings can depend on color. For instance, green color serves the good-quality review while the orange and red represent the lower quality of the review.

Aside from the free version, the plugin offers a couple of really useful add-ons but that means spending more money than you’d normally spend on a paid plugin.


All the review plugins we have listed allow you to create a unique, stylish review box that includes a significant rating system, pros and cons schema markup for rich snippets. They are very useful in the ever-growing world of e-commerce where the product and marketplace matter the most. Which plugin do you use? Which one is your favorite?

Top 5 Contemporary Web Design Trends 2016

Check out these top 5 web design trends when designing your next website

The concept of web design is highly influenced by the available web technologies and innovative ideas. Both of these factors are prone to swift changes. Web technologies are improving at a very fast pace nowadays. More efficient, robust and effective technologies and human creativity are changing the trends of web design very fast. Some of the most contemporary web design trends are given below.

1. Material Design

The material web design is a new concept of visual language to convey a meaningful message through 3 dimension material, like light, material, and shadow. It uses innovation and possibilities of science and technology into the design of a website.

Every material is depicted in x, y and z dimensions with the help of cast shadows, lights, and material. The standard thickness used for a single position along the z-axis is 1dp. Different light sources, such as key light, ambient light, and combination of the both are used to create meaningful shadows. This design is getting more and more popular nowadays across all domains globally.

2. Responsive Design

The responsive design is very critical in the present day modern era, where people use multiple devices and platforms to access the websites. The responsive design is that one, which has full flexibility and capability to load smoothly on all types of devices both static and mobile devices. Use of responsive design is the fundamental need of the day because mobile is taking over the legacy devices to access the websites. A good responsive design can be created by following certain standards, like percentile image, limited or conditional use of CSS & JavaScript, the use of response and server-side RESS and others. It is becoming a web standard that follows all performance-related rules of a website.

3. Well Heeled Animation

The proper use of animation in different styles creates a great user experience (UX) on the website. The movement of the content on a website always brings immediate attention to the visitor. There are many other benefits of rich animation on the website, like easy learning, quick understanding, entertainment, and deep impact; so people use it extensively on the website. There are certain disadvantages of excessive animation used on the website too. For instance, slow down of the website, less SEO ranking, and others. So, it is always recommended to prudently use the animation and the backend technologies behind the animation.

4. Iconographic Design

In the past few years, this web design is getting more and more popular across all domains of websites. The hamburger icon is extensively used to display the menu. There are many big websites and applications that use a hamburger icon instead of a huge list of menu items. Meanwhile, visual icons for different purposes are also extensively used in the present-day web designs. The icons bring many advantages for the website, such as great UX, entertainment, easy to understand icons, and lightweight icon to work with and many others.

5. Cards Layout Web Design

The ‘cards’ web design is also becoming a new trend in the present day web marketplace. In the card’s design, multiple cards or patches are used to segregate the multiple zones, areas, and topics of the website. The cards are easy for the readers to figure out the required information. The cards design can easily incorporate the desired animation without messing up with other useful information on the page. Owing to these salient features, this type of web design has become one of the hottest web designs of the year.

A website cannot be solely developed with the help of just one design features; you can incorporate more than one trend into a professional website. Other than these five trends, there are many other website design trends that are also becoming popular in the marketplace.